Self-Compassion and Mental Health

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Earlier this week, I wrote a blog about supporting others experiencing grief through comfort and compassion. I also know it is important that we support ourselves for our own mental health.

Many of us living with the experience of mental illness know that achieving wellness is a deliberate process. It is holistic and multi-dimensional. We also know that maintaining wellness requires the active process of creating and adapting patterns of behavior that lead to improved health in the wellness dimensions.

As a commitment to maintaining my own wellness, I am constantly searching for new resources that will support the sometimes challenging balance of my own mental health. In doing so, I recently came across some fascinating information about self-compassion on the The University of Texas at Austin’s website. It was so insightful I wanted to share it with you all. Go to and read more about the effects of self-compassion on your mental health.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and share resources that you have found helpful in your wellness journey.

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